About RememberingMe

RememberingMe was born out of my need to keep my Mother's memory alive after she passed away suddenly and tragically. I would visit her grave site and reflect on our precious time together but I felt I had to do more. I was frustrated that what now represented my wonderful Mum were just a few words etched into stone. Her life was more than that, and I wanted the world to know.


I thought that surely I am not the only one that feels this way when a loved one is lost? How can I share my Mum's story and express my feelings? We celebrate our lives on a day to day basis with social media - why not carry it on when our loved ones die? Why not create a place where we can all go to remember our loved ones where ever and whenever we need to?


And so together with a friend we have created RememberingMe for this exact purpose.


Instead of jumping in the car to visit your loved one at the cemetery or at their favourite place, you can visit them at the touch of a button. View photos, write messages, watch your favourite videos of your loved one, listening to their laughter and voice and keeping your memory of them alive for you, your family, and your friends.


When you visit their memorial or headstone, scan the QR marker to quickly view their memorial page on your phone and leave a message just to say you were there and thinking about them.


By including a QR marker on the memorial headstone or grave site you are sharing with the world the story of your loved one and the great life they had. 


Don’t let your loved one become just words etched into stone - let them remain a part of your life.


This one’s for you Mum!